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One obstacle to finding fulfilling work is the fear of losing Social Security disability benefits, such as SSI and SSDI. On this page, you’ll learn more about how benefits work, and what incentives exist to help people keep their benefits while exploring a career.

Basics of Social Security Fact Sheet
This grid shows you the basics of SSI and SSDI at-a-glance, and gives you contact information for the two Work Incentives Planning and Assistance (WIPA) programs in MA (Project IMPACT and BenePLAN).

Going To Work: A Guide to Social Security Benefits and Employment for Young People with Disabilities (2011 Edition)
This ICI publication provides easy-to-understand, practical, hands-on information about work incentives and the impact of earnings on SSI and SSDI benefits.

Changing the Culture and Message About Benefits: A Comprehensive Approach for Promoting Employment
This brief addresses how to reframe the message that public benefit concerns are a barrier, in order to promote the expansion of community employment for people with disabilities.

Work Incentives Information from Social Security Web Site
Information and links from SSA.gov about work incentives can be found at this site.

Ticket to Work Program Basics Factsheet
This factsheet describes a basic overview of the Ticket to Work program.

Ticket to Work Program - Beneficiary Website
This site is for SSA beneficiaries, and offers information, materials, training, and resources regarding the Ticket program and benefits management.

Ticket to Work Program - Service Provider Website
This site is for Employment Networks and service providers and offers information, materials, training and resources regarding the Ticket program and benefits management.

Massachusetts Public and Subsidized Housing Tenants: Know Your Rights! Get A Rent Freeze When You Go To Work
This ICI publication provides information on rent freeze rules available to tenants who qualify under specific state and federal housing regulations. This means that if one starts working after a period of unemployment, his or her rent will stay the same for a period of time even though earning more money. A rent freeze can make it easier to go to work.