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ICI Resources

The Institute for Community Inclusion (IC) has an ongoing series of publications and resources to help professionals, individuals, and families maintain an Employment First focus through this challenging time. Go to ICI’s special COVID-19 web page.


We Believe

  • Everyone can work.
  • Everyone has the right to earn a living wage in a job of their choosing, based on their unique talents, gifts, skills, and interests.
  • Employment is a way for people to achieve their personal dreams of success, respect, control, and choice.
  • Having a job can be an important part of one’s self-identity and value in society today.
  • Everyone should be paid at least minimum wage.
Raising Expectations for Better Futures

Raising Expectations for Better Futures

New resources to engage families in employment planning.

Massachusetts Interagency Transtion Teams

Interested in knowing more about interagency transition teams in Massachusetts? check out the Massachusetts Interagency Transition Teams database, compiled by the MPTE Cross-Systems Collaboration team


The Massachusetts Partnership for Transition to Employment (MPTE) is a five-year project to improve labor market participation for youth and young adults served by the Massachusetts Department of Developmental Services (DDS).

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Current Trainings

All in-person trainings are cancelled until further notice. The following online courses are currently available.

Training Series on Technology

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June 9, 16, 23, and 30
1pm – 3pm

Module 3: Self-Management: Tools and Strategies to Build and Inspire Independence

When employment services incorporate self-management strategies into their supports, job seekers get access to more hours, higher paying jobs, and they tend to learn skills that are transferable to other situations. This 4-week module on self-management strategies focuses on tools that a person can use independently, sometime interdependently, to keep themselves on track. In this module, we will focus on a range of self-management solutions so that you can access tools that will work for anyone and everyone you support.

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Foundations of Community Employment

This course begins with an overview of community employment, including current social, political, and economic changes that are leading to expansion of opportunities for individuals with disabilities.

If you are working towards your ACRE Certificate or would prefer to have more time to review this content, register for this online course instead of the webinar.

Cost: FREE