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We Believe

  • Everyone can work.
  • Everyone has the right to earn a living wage in a job of their choosing, based on their unique talents, gifts, skills, and interests.
  • Employment is a way for people to achieve their personal dreams of success, respect, control, and choice.
  • Having a job can be an important part of one’s self-identity and value in society today.
  • Everyone should be paid at least minimum wage.


Customized Employment Learning Community
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Archived presentations from the June 2019 conference, Employment First: Expanding Job Opportunities and Pathways to Work


The Massachusetts Partnership for Transition to Employment (MPTE) is a five-year project to improve labor market participation for youth and young adults served by the Massachusetts Department of Developmental Services (DDS).

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Current Trainings

November 1 - November 30,
Earnings and Benefits: Using Social Security Work Incentives

Many job seekers worry about losing their benefits when going to work. This training will provide an overview of the impact of earnings on Social Security benefits.

Cost: $20

November 12, 2019
8:30AM-4:00PM (EDT)
Strategies for Discovery and Career Planning (1 day)

This workshop will focus on strategies used to assess the job seeker’s employment goals, abilities, interests and capacities. Participants will learn how to coordinate and implement person-centered planning, identify personal and family networks, develop vocational profiles and schedule and evaluate situational assessments.

Cost: $20

November 20, 2019
2:00-3:00 EDT
Sparking Innovation: Work-Based Learning

This webinar will examine the critical factors in effective work-based learning, including the use of an interactive approach that fully engages the individual and business, using experiences that are reflective of the individual’s interests and career path status and the wide range of labor market needs, and how learning is incorporated within these experiences in a structured way.


Nov 20 8:30-4:00
Nov 21 8:30-12:30
The Nuts & Bolts of SSI and SSDI, Public Health Insurance and Other Public Benefits

This training focuses on how earnings from work affects SSI, SSDI, Medicaid, Medicare and other public benefits such as subsidized housing and food stamps.


December 10 & 11, 2019
8:30AM-4:00PM (EDT)
Job Development and Business Engagement (2 days)

Developing job opportunities and finding the right job match in an ever-changing economic environment places increasing demands on employment professionals. This two-day workshop focuses on understanding employer needs and developing quality job matches.

Cost: $40

Foundations of Community Employment

This course begins with an overview of community employment, including current social, political, and economic changes that are leading to expansion of opportunities for individuals with disabilities.

If you are working towards your ACRE Certificate or would prefer to have more time to review this content, register for this online course instead of the webinar.

Cost: $20