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Inclusive transportation is vital to the successful integration of individuals with disabilities in community and employment activities. The following resources highlight challenges and solutions to accessing and utilizing public transportation.

General Resources

National Transportation Resources
Massachusetts Transportation Resources
These listing offers a variety of resources to assist with transportation challenges.

Travel Training Packet
This packet contains a variety of tools to assist with safe and comprehensive transportation planning, including public transit travel training sheet, pedestrian safety skills checklist, emergency contact information form, etc.

Community Transportation for Transition-Aged Youth with Disabilities
This one-page brief provides a variety of ideas and resources to assist youth with disabilities to identify transportation options for employment and other activities.

Travel Training Resources
In many local areas, transportation instruction is available through a variety of organizations such as transit systems, transportation service providers, independent living centers, disability programs, and others.

Massachusetts Transportation Resources

  • Finding transportation
  • Learning to use transportation
  • Paying for transportation
  • Having a say in transportation policy
  • Working with employers
  • Innovative practices