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Career Planning

Personal Profile Packet
This packet consists of a series of information-gathering tools to be used in conjunction with a person-centered career planning process. The end result of these tools will result in a comprehensive personal profile of an individual. Guidance on how to implement these tools along with additional resources on Person Centered-Planning is also included.

Positive Personal Profile (PPP)
Developed by Dr. George Tilson from TransCen, Inc., the PPP process is another option for gathering relevant career planning information. This article provides comprehensive instructions about how to use this tool and includes the related worksheets that are involved.

Career Planning Guide: A Guide for Career Discovery
This workbook by the Missouri Planning Council For Developmental Disabilities will take the job seeker and his or her support team through the career planning process. It contains information, conversation starters and forms to generate ideas and set clear action steps toward a great job match.

Finding the Right Job Tool
This concrete questionnaire is designed to assist the job seeker to explore interests and preferences. The questions are simple and clear, and address skill-related as well as work- environment aspects of employment.

Volunteering, Internships, and Unpaid Work Experiences: Legal and Practical Guidelines
This publication examines these issues, and provides guidelines on the role of volunteer activities, internships and unpaid work when assisting and supporting individuals with disabilities.

Situational Assessment Packet
This packet includes assorted information about use of situational assessment in career planning - what it is, when to use it, how to set one up, what to pay attention to during assessments, the Department of Labor guidelines on community-based assessment, and more.

Consumer Assessment Form
This tool (adapted from Helping People With Severe Mental Retardation Get and Keep Employment, Brookes Publishing, 1990) provides a comprehensive categorization of skills, attributes, and other factors that need to be assessed during career development. The form allows you to note input from the individual, parent/family/friends, as well as staff, and includes space to record situational assessment experiences.

Starting With Me: Guide to Person-Centered Planning for Job Seekers
A person-centered approach can help individuals with disabilities make satisfying job choices. This ICI brief guides job seekers through a three-stage career development process that includes assessing their interests, researching the job market, and marketing themselves to potential employers.

More Than Just a Job: Person-Centered Career Planning
Sometimes employment professionals think that person-centered career planning has to involve a big meeting, or is only for people with the most significant disabilities. This ICI brief lays out the principles and highlights of this process.

Supporting Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder: Quality Employment Practices
This ICI brief focuses on effective placement planning and assessment for job seekers with ASD.