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Job Development

Job Development Essentials: Second Edition
This comprehensive manual published by Public/Private Ventures follows the basic process for developing jobs. Each chapter covers a major job development component and offers an overview along with checklists, tips, stories, resources, examples, and troubleshooting and problem-solving strategies.

Employer Presentation Fact Sheet
This fact sheet offers guidelines and hints for effective employer engagement.

Employer Awareness and Education Web Sites
The sites below are all focused on providing employers with practical info, fact sheets, and resources to dispel myths, and promote recruitment, hiring, and retention of employees with disabilities.

“Ten Employment Myths” is a seventeen-minute video (from the Dept. of Justice) that responds to concerns expressed by employers and explains the ADA in common sense terms.

Top Ten Employer Questions
These are questions for job developers to ask employers in order to better understand unmet business needs.

Job Seeker Contact Sheet
This is a worksheet that job seekers or employment staff can copy and compile in a 3-ring binder during career networking activities. The form allows for tracking of contact information as well as useful guiding questions to ask and record.

Disclosure Fact Sheet
This fact sheet for employment staff produced by Virginia Commonwealth University and ICI uses a Q & A format to explore various considerations involved in disclosure of disability during the employment process.

Disclosure Decisions To Get The Job
This disclosure decision guide and tool from Virginia Commonwealth University takes job seekers through three steps: Determining need for disclosure, Deciding when to disclose, and Choosing how to disclose.

When Existing Jobs Don’t Fit: A Guide to Job Creation
This ICI brief describes how to approach job creation. It includes case studies and a step-by-step tool for job developers to use in this process.

The 30-Day Placement Plan
This ICI brief outlines a strategy that breaks the job search down in to a series of small, manageable tasks, and provides a form to develop and monitor progress.