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Networking and Community Connections

Teaching Networking Skills: Paving A Way to Jobs and Careers
This training manual contains a full curriculum to be used directly with job seekers.

Networking Phone Scripts
This worksheet provides suggestions about what to say when reaching out to network connections to gather career-related information.

Networking Form
This form is organized into categories to help job seekers identify people in their network who may be able to provide useful information and/or referrals in regard to development of their personal profile, career exploration and/or job search opportunities.

Networking: A Consumer Guide to an Effective Job Search
This ICI brief teaches job seekers with disabilities how to become more proactive in their job search.

Making Networking Easier for Job Seekers: A Guide
This ICI brief geared to employment staff points out barriers and solutions to promote wider use of networking as an effective career development strategy.

Job Networking in Diverse Communities
This ICI brief offers insights and a broad perspective on how enhanced networking strategies can be used in diverse communities to help people with disabilities find better jobs and increase community integration.