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Public Policy

The following documents relate to WIOA, Section 511, Subminimum Wage Policy:

WIA IS NOW WIOA: What the New Bill Means For People with Disabilities
This ICI Brief outlines the features of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA), which reauthorizes the Workforce Investment Act of 1009, including the Rehabilitation Act, through 2020.

Employment First Policy, MA Department of Developmental Services (DDS)
Passed in July 2010, this policy establishes that for working age adults served by the Massachusetts DDS, integrated, individual employment is the preferred service option and optimal outcome.

Blueprint for Success: Employing Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities in Massachusetts
In November 2013, MA DDS, the Association of Developmental Disability Providers, and the ARC of MA released a plan aligned with the Employment First Policy. The plan aims to phase out sheltered workshops and to increase integrated employment opportunities for people with intellectual disabilities. Goals and milestones have been targeted over four fiscal years.